The Love of the art...
       I have spent my lifetime taking photographs. The photo fulfills my deep need to stop things from disappearing and photography fills my soul with hope and dedication to my work. I want to retain the special magic which I have looked for and found , to create a mood,   and beauty in the most unlikely places." ...
       This is a passion since I was a child , starting with a small box Brownie camera, my love has grown over the years. I get a since of peace when I'm out shooting my landscapes , animals , architecture and people,  and Im always excited to see the results of portfolio shoots, its so gratifying , I  look forward to my next shoot and what awaits in the next frame.
       Self taught, I have won numerous awards over the years including  "Amateur Photographer of the Year 2004" Awarded in Washington DC, 
3 time Top 12 "National Geographic" shot of the day, 
Finalist in "Photographers Forum Magazine" and many more. 
Now in the Inland Empire, and covering CA, NV, and AZ, and
Im  excited to work and live in this area.

 Update, This last 3  years I was diognosed with SMA Syndrom, Its been a rough road  but my goal is to survive, thrive and recover from this disease as quickly as possible to  return to doing what I love to do.

                          Sincerly , Alycia Bromar